Harriet Cass

Gillian Reynolds, Daily Telegraph:
Harriet Cass and Charlotte Green, two of the best-loved voices on BBC Radio 4, are leaving the network.....these are not celebrity presenters, their faces familiar from magazines and gossip columns. They are not the sort of radio stars who are snatched from TV shows for big fees.  Yet those who know and prize their voices think that if it had fallen to the lot of either woman to announce Armageddon, deep from some nuclear bunker, they would have made their listeners feel reassured that somehow, somewhere, civilised life would continue.

Zoe Williams, The Guardian:
Classically easy on the ear....Harriet Cass could announce a nuclear war and still make you feel as though she’d just given you a hot water bottle.

"I was at the recording of tonight's News Quiz for Radio 4 last night and Harriet Cass was the newsreader.  That voice is like caramel for the ears".

Alistair McGowan, on The World At One.
"It's the warmth and the calmness....you feel that everything is alright with the world....so wonderfully intelligent and warm.  Thank you for being such a wonderful comfort".

Eddie Mair, Radio Times:
The elaborate cover stories to explain her impending absence have done the trick. No one suspects a thing. So let me reveal the explosive facts.  Harriet Cass is to return full-time to her role at the Secret Intelligence Service or MI6, where she is known simply as H. She has worked part-time for the Service for more than 30 years, expertly combining the role of smashing international spy rings with doing the Radio 4 continuity rota and flawlessly pronouncing Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.  In this increasingly dangerous world, where even Chief Whips can pose a threat to security staff, Harriet’s calm demeanour will be invaluable at dealing with, and being able to say, the world’s trickiest trouble spots.

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